Project Rugby Love

With you. 


A simple phrase used on the rugby field to let our teammate know they’re not alone. That we’re there to support. And that together, we WILL go forward. 


Let’s speak out. Let’s do the work within ourselves and our communities. Let’s amplify the work the Black community is already doing to fight against racism and injustice.


We’ll be amplifying the voices of, the country’s largest online racial justice organization. 


Because like rugby, none of us will win unless we do it together. 

For two weeks, we will be running a pre-sale fundraiser. Orders close June 26 and will ship shortly after. 


100% of proceeds will go directly to Color Of Change, the largest online racial justice  organization in the country. 


Facebook: /projectrugbylove
Instagram: @projectrugbylove
Twitter: @projctrugbylove